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LU3 Digital Light Meter
LED Lighting Terrarium TB4 - TB7

Manual for TB4, TB4-2, TB4WW, TB4WW-2, TB5, TB5-2, TB5WW, TB5WW-2, TB6, TB6-2, TB6WW, TB6WW-2, TB7, TB7-2, TB7WW, TB7WW-2, TBX-C, TBX-V2 and TBX-V5.

F14 Moisture Meter - wood, building and building material
F02 Moisture Measuring Device (Memory Foam, visco-elastic Foam)
MS2 Electronic Stethoscope
LS2 web based IP thermometer/hygrometer
LS2 web based IP thermometer/hygrometer
TXA Thermostat *external Display*
TXB Thermostat *external Display*
TXG Humidity Control *external Display*
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